10 Easter egg fillers for toddlers

If you’re planning an Easter egg hunt this weekend for your toddler but don’t want them filling up on chocolate, take a look at these 10 alternative fillers.

  • Stickers

They are so cheap to buy, you can get pretty much any design or character that your little one likes and best of all, they keep toddlers entertained for hours!

  • Play-Doh

Love it or loathe it (especially in your carpets) Play-Doh is a big hit for toddlers. You can get mini pots which are the perfect size to place in a small egg.

  • Toy cars

Cars, buses, bikes – whatever your little one is into, transport is a great filler. They are fun, cheap and durable.

  • Hair clips

You could do hair clips, bands or bobbles or maybe even one of each. Pick your little one’s favourite colours, designs or characters and pop them inside an egg.

  • Crayons

You can get specific toddler crayons that are really short and chunky, making them easy to grip. Get a colouring in book to go with them and let your toddler get creative.

  • Baking ingredients

Baking is fun and educational. Little ones love to help – and lick the spoon! You could put cupcake cases in the eggs, different coloured icing or food colouring.

  • Dress jewellery

Whether your toddler likes to dress as a pirate or a princess, there is a jewellery option for all. There are pirate rings, necklaces, anklets, watches and more.

  • Glitter

Glitter is amazing for loads of different things – you can mix it with water and put into old bottles for your toddler to shake and watch the sparkles. You can glue it onto pictures, mix it with sand, make Easter cards. So much fun!

  • Bubbles

What toddler doesn’t like bubbles? So cheap to buy/ make and they provide hours of amazement.

  • Window crawler characters

You can get people and animals. Let your little one throw them at a window/ glass door and watch them ‘crawl’ down. No mess and keeps them entertained.

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