5 Father’s Day gift ideas for a first time dad

If you are looking to make someone’s first father’s day extra special, baby crafts, matching outfits and hand drawn sketches could be for you.

Here’s 5 ideas to consider…

1) Matching socks

The guys over at Happy Socks make a great ‘Two peas in a pod‘ gift set that features two pairs of matching socks – one for an adult and one for a baby. The cherry design is fun and bright and the quality of the socks is amazing.

They come in a presentation box, two adult sizes and cost £17.95.

2) Make your own mug

There’s something pretty special about a personalised mug to sip your tea from. You could add your baby’s handprints on, their date of birth to mark the day dad became a father or attempt to make their favourite TV/ film characters out of baby footprints.

To do this, find a pottery cafe like Minikin in Sale, paint your design and leave it to be fired in a kiln. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to do this – a minimum of two weeks. It will cost you around £10.

3) Matching outfits

There are so many matching outfit options – t-shirts, PJs, onsies, socks, hoodies – the list goes on. You could have a matching slogan, photo, family crest, symbol, film quote. Whatever you want.

Star Wars and Game of Thrones themes are a good place to start if dad is a character fan like these ‘Master Jedi’ and ‘Jedi in Training’ matching t-shirt and vests. Prices will vary but expect to pay around £20.

4) Photo sketch

If you have a favourite photo of dad and baby/ children, you could get it sketched and framed as a piece of artwork for them to keep.

Little Moo Illustrations on Instagram offer digital images and also prints. Prices start at £25 and she is incredibly fast!

5) Clay handprints

This is fun to do and makes a really nice keepsake. You will need to find a pottery craft shop/ cafe and go in to have your handprints taken in clay. You will then need to have your baby/ child’s handprints moulded inside. You choose a colour/s then leave it to be fired in the kiln.

Prices will vary for crafts like this, but expect to pay something in the region of £80+.

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