Why are baby clothes different sizes?

I’ve just been sorting through George’s clothes as he has outgrown quite a few items lately. Most are going into a vacuum bag to store in the loft and some are heading to the charity shop.

As I’ve sorted through his things, I’ve noticed that many items in 3-6 months are completely different sizes depending on what shop they are from.

George is just over 5.5 months old and he weighs 18lbs 13oz so fits comfortably in 6-9 month clothing from most places. I have however, noticed that Tesco is consistently on the small side.

I bought him a loads of t shirts for spring and having put one on him this week, I noticed it was really tight and hard to get over his head and get his arms in. I checked the label and it only went up to 19lbs. The majority of his 3-6 month things went up to 18lbs so I’m not sure how Tesco thinks babies only grow 1lb in three months?

When shopping for myself, I always think Tesco is quite true to size and sometimes a little big so it’s a shame the baby range is so small. I love the designs in Tesco too as they aren’t afraid to use colour on boys clothing. Most places just sell blue, green and grey.

Tu from Sainsbury’s is another really small fit. George got three items for Christmas from here (two tops and one baby grow). He was three months old at Christmas and weighed around 15lbs. He had three wears out of the grow and one wear from each of the tops. Such a waste of presents!

John Lewis is a third consistent small size. I bought him a shirt to wear for Christmas Day in size 3-6 months. I got it home and tried it on him in early December (making him 2.5 months old) and it was far too tight. I ended up exchanging it for a 6-9 month size and even that only went up 19lbs and 4oz.

Last but not least is Boots. Not only do I find Boots very small on sizing, the shape of clothing is also a little odd. I bought three tops in newborn size and they were all really wide and quite short. 

My favourite fitting outfits for George have been from M&S, Next, ASDA George, Primark and The White Company. Most 3-6 month items go up to 18lbs and most 6-9 month items go up to 21lbs. I also think items from these shops wash really well and most offer a good range of colour – especially Next.

Hopefully one day, standard sized children’s clothing will be introduced.

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