Baby Rudolph wrapping paper

If you’re looking for a unique way to wrap your Christmas gifts this year, why not make your own wrapping paper by turning your baby’s feet into reindeers?

You will need

  • A roll of brown parcel paper
  • Brown poster paint
  • Red poster paint
  • White poster paint
  • A black ballpoint pen
  • A paintbrush

What to do

Before you start painting, cut the brown parcel paper into the right size pieces you need to wrap your gift. You could paint after you have wrapped but it’s easier to do it separately.

Once you have your paper cut to size:

  • Paint your baby’s foot with the brown paint and print it onto the the paper. You can do whatever design you like – I went for rows of feet
  • Once the prints have dried mix some brown paint with a touch of red
  • Take the paintbrush and freestyle some antlers onto your reindeers

  • Paint a round red nose onto each of your reindeers
  • Paint two white circles for eyes
  • Once the white paint has dried, take your black ballpoint pen and draw on eyeballs

Once everything is dry, wrap up your gift keeping your baby’s reindeer feet at the front and decorate with ribbon and a gift tag.

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