Becoming a mummy

Five months ago today, I became a mummy. My husband and I welcomed our son, George into the world at 7.37am after four days in hospital.

In what is a pretty small amount of time, I seem to have learned a hell of a lot from listening to healthcare professionals, reading endless amounts of articles online and most importantly, doing.

There is so much information out there for new and expecting parents – some the same, some conflicting and some confusing. So, I thought I’d start writing some of these things down with the aim of helping others and keeping a digital mum diary for myself.

This time five months ago, I was getting to grips with feeding and enjoying lots of newborn cuddles, now I’m watching G play on his mat while attempting to crawl. I cannot believe how quickly time has gone and how much he has changed.

Becoming a mummy definitely changes you as a person and gives you a new perspective on life. I’ve learnt that it’s still important to be you and make time for yourself, relationship family and friends but it’s also amazing picking up this little person that you made and watch them beam up at you.

Happy five month birthday G!

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