Moving into the nursery

Just over a month ago, we decided to move George into the nursery. He was 4 months old which, I know is before the recommended guidelines of 6 months. But, G is so long he was running out of space in the next to me crib and I didn’t want to wait until he outgrew it completely in case he didn’t settle in his own room straightaway.

The Moses basket only lasted 8 weeks, despite the description saying 6 months (Pah!) and he outgrew the pram by 12 weeks – I think he’s going to be tall!

Although space was running out and his big cot wouldn’t fit in our bedroom, I was reluctant to put him in his own room because of the risk of SIDS being higher for babies under 6 months, especially with boys. But, I bit the bullet and did it.

Oh my did I cry. I spent 4 months of tired, long night feeds wishing for the day to come when he’d be in his own room and sleep through. That first night of him in his own room – I wished for it all to come back. I missed the sound of his breathing, his smell and looking at him sleeping next to me. I missed him not needing me and even the sound of Ewan the Sheep!

My husband hugged me while I cried my eyes out and said he’d go and get George as I obviously wasn’t ready to let him go. As I thought about it, I wanted him back in with us but then I realised, I had to think about him.

I think I checked the baby monitor about 30 times that night and kept going into his room to check he was still breathing every 30 minutes! I got hardly any sleep that night from worry but George on the other hand, slept better than he ever had with us.

Having a proper mattress has definitely helped. The ones in the next to me crib are so thin and quite hard – they must be uncomfortable. It’s quieter in his room too so I think that helps also.

Last night, George only woke up once. That’s the best night he’s ever had and I’m really, really hoping it lasts.

Guidelines exist for a reason and I am no expert in babies (still winging it 5 months in) but I do think every baby is different. You know your child and can judge a situation. When you do move them into their own room, it’s a big step so be prepared.

On the flip side, seeing their face when you go in to get them on a morning is absolutely heart melting and watching moments like this on the monitor makes you smile too 🙂

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