Should you do mixed feeding?

If you can’t decided what the best technique for baby weaning is or you like elements from both spoon fed and baby led, perhaps mixed feeding is the option for you.

baby led weaning cheese

Mixed feeding combines the purees offered in spoon feeding with the soft foods to pick up in baby led weaning. It’s a good way of measuring how much food your baby is consuming while also letting them learn the independence of eating.

If you are going to take this approach, you should do it consistently for each meal. For example, you could offer porridge on a spoon and pieces of banana to hold for breakfast. For lunch, you might give a stick of cucumber to hold and some cheesy pasta from the spoon. At dinner time, it could be shepherd’s pie from the spoon and a strawberry to hold for dessert. Make sure you offer a wide range of finger foods and purees to keep your little ones interested – weaning should be fun.

If your baby wants to try feeding themselves with a spoon, offer them something that will stick to it like mashed potato or porridge. Try using a suction bottom bowl also to stop the food from spilling out or the bowl from breaking.

Before you start weaning, make sure you have all of the equipment you need and remember to offer water with meals from a free flowing cup.

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