The week that was

This week has been a short one as we’ve been cooped up for half of it with illness. But, we’re feeling better now and looking back at the highlights.

Here’s our snapshot.

New Hartbeeps term – we started back at Hartbeeps South Manchester on Monday afternoon, kicking off with Easter fancy dress. George was given a pair of bunny ears to wear and a fluffy tail for round his waist. I really like this class as we always do a warm up for mum with stretches, there’s a relaxation part for babies, something fun to follow along to and always something to dress babies up in!

Baby led weaning – we’re pretty new to weaning (this is week three) and have so far, been focussed on purees. We seemed to have mastered those and George is swallowing well so I thought we’d try some baby led weaning. Wet items such as pear, banana and apples haven’t been a success as George simply can’t grip them – they just slip out of his hands. So, we tried things easier to pick up like toast, broccoli and peppers. Toast and broccoli were a big success so we’ll carry on with similar things.

Baby led weaning

A whole night’s sleep – on Friday night, George slept from 9pm to 6.50am – the first full night’s sleep yet! I’m thinking it might be because he’s not been well and needed the sleep as we were back to two feeds last night. But, I’m being grateful for that one and crossing my fingers we see more.

Guest blogging – today, I had a guest blog post published that I wrote for Britmums on Mothercare’s Body Proud Mums campaign. It talks body image, confidence and acceptance. You can read it here – I’d love to know what you think.

BritMums blog

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