The week that was

A few highs and lows this week and unfortunately, some illness again. We’re all better now though and excited for the week ahead.

Here’s our snapshot…

Sitting up – George has been sitting up with some help for about a month now. He would support his weight but lean slightly on me to stop himself from falling over. On Monday, I decided to move my legs that were supporting him to see how he did and he sat completely unaided for most of his Hartbeeps class. We’ve since sat him on the mat each day for 10/15 minutes at a time and he’s stayed upright. Well done George!

Sitting up

KIT day – In the run-up-to me starting back at work on 1st May, I’ve been doing two keeping in touch (KIT) days per month since January. Up until now, either my parents or my husband’s parents have been around to look after George when I’ve been in the office but this week, they were unavailable. Luckily, my next door neighbour is a childminder and she had space to look after George on Thursday. He has met her before but not for long periods of time so we went round to her house for an hour on Tuesday and George was absolutely fine.

Come Thursday, we dropped George off at her house at 8am. At 11am, she text to say that he wasn’t settling so I stepped out of the office to give her a call. George was screaming and had been pretty much since we left. She tried walking him, playing with him, comforting him but nothing worked. My husband ended up leaving work and picking him up at 2.30pm – meaning he’d cried constantly for 6 and a half hours. I’m thinking this is the start of separation anxiety.

I’m now feeling really stressed about George starting nursery as this week has gone so differently from what I’d hoped. The one plus is that we get three settling in sessions to ease him in from being away from us. If three isn’t enough, we can add more on over the month before he starts so, fingers crossed this will work.

The other plus is that a new coffee shop has opened up next to the office and the breakfast was great!

Grindsmith breakfast

Reviews – I’ve decided to set up a review section on the blog. We’ve bought so much baby stuff over the past year – some has been great and some has been average. I thought it might be helpful to other people to review items with the hope of saving them money and sharing recommendations. First up, will be our review of Cheeky Chompers bibs this week, designed to help with teething.

Cheeky Chompers

Standing up – George has always been quite a strong baby. Even the day he was born, he was holding his head up. The main strength has always been in his legs – he shuffles them all day, slams them on his mattress at night, swings them on his highchair and stands up on my legs all of the time. On Friday, we were playing on his mat and he was stood on my legs lunging over my shoulder exploring the couch. So, I stood him in front of me and he used the couch to support himself while he explored. It was crazy but also amazing to see him upright by himself. I won’t be making it a regular thing as I know their legs need time to form properly and too much standing can damage their growth. But, it was a lovely glimpse of what is to come.

Standing up

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