The week that was

This week has been a fun one with a tiny hint of stress. In family life we’ve done loads of nice things and bought some new toys for George. In my life, I’ve had a complete crash of confidence in going back to work. But, having talked to a few people, I’m feeling a lot brighter about things tonight.

Here’s our snapshot…

6 months old

The biggest highlight of this week was on Monday when George turned 6 months. I have absolutely no idea where that time has gone but it has been absolutely amazing. He can roll over, laugh, sit up, eat, hold things, give cuddles and the best of all, smile. I can’t wait to see what his next big milestone is! Happy half birthday baby boy.

Naming ceremony photos

We had the photos back from George’s naming ceremony and they capture the day perfectly. I’ll write a separate post on the day but here’s some highlights from NC Hopes photography.

KIT day

I did another keeping in touch day at work this week – my 6th in total. All of the others have been great but this week was different. I just felt so overwhelmed and that I’d really fallen behind. I never thought I would feel like this but 7 months of maternity leave really does change you.

I had a couple of good chats with people and I am feeling much better now. George going through separation anxiety and me stressing about how much I will miss him doesn’t help with work.

On the plus side, he had a few less tears with the childminder – maybe 0.01% less.

Clay prints

George was given some money by friends and family for his naming ceremony a few weeks ago. We decided to put it together and have a keepsake made now that he’s hit 6 months. We opted for clay imprints of our hands with George’s hands inside so headed down to Minikin in Sale. I love personalised things and this is so unique that it will be a great keepsake as he gets older.

New purchases

After a great week at Baby Sensory exploring ‘rock pools’ (paddling pools filled with different things) I decided to recreate it at home for George and add a few extra things in of my own.

I purchased a ball bit, some balls to cover the bottom, juggling scarves, marathon runner foil and a jingle baby bell. The whole lot came to just over £30 which I thought was pretty good and should keep him entertained for a few years to come. His face lit up when we put him in there so I think it was a hit!

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