The week that was

Last week was one of many firsts. Time is flying by and George is ticking off milestones left, right and centre! It’s great but also, please slow down baby boy.

Here’s our snapshot…

Last Hartbeeps class

With maternity leave coming to an end, so unfortunately are our classes. We finished our second term with Nikita and Hartbeeps South Manchester. It’s been so much fun and George has loved going there every week. We’ll both really miss it!

Baby cinema

I decided to take George on his first cinema trip on Tuesday – he loved it! We watched Dumbo at The Light in Stockport with a room full of other mums and babies. It’s such a good set up, you can relax, feed your baby and enjoy enjoy a free coffee. The lights are left on but dimmed and the sound is turned down for baby’s enjoyment – I’d highly recommend it.


We have been quite lucky the past six months with no teething… until Wednesday. George was so, so grizzly from lunchtime all the way through to Thursday night. I knew it was his teeth as I could see them underneath his gum and he was putting everything in sight in his mouth. He wanted lots of cuddles and we gave him Calpol until they finally broke through the skin on Friday morning.

First crawl

Despite teething troubles all day Thursday, George still wanted to play on his mat building and knocking over his stacking cups and ringing his bells. He had been showing signs of learning to crawl for a couple of weeks so I moved his bells and remote toy further away from him and placed him on his tummy – he army crawled over to them!

First weekend away

Some friends of ours were getting married in Essex on Saturday. Although George was invited, the four hour drive from Manchester seemed a little far for him. So, we decided to leave him with my mum and spend our first weekend apart. I actually enjoyed being me again and not just mummy for 48 hours. I saw friends, danced, had a few drinks with no-one to look after. I did FaceTime George twice a day but I honestly think the break did us both good and has made me feel more positive about nursery. The reception when we got home was incredible 🙂

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