The week that was

This week was full of firsts. Flavours, lessons, places and purchases. The most important event was today – George’s naming ceremony. It was a chance for our closest friends and family to come together and formally celebrate his arrival. It was beautiful.

Here’s a snap shot of the week that was.

Crazy weather – Monday was the hottest day in February ever recorded. As nice as it was to have a snippet of summer, it was also a reminder of the affect our daily lives are having on the planet. Focusing on the small positive of this, I managed to take George into the garden for the first time. We took out a picnic blanket with some of his toys and played for a couple of hours. He loved it and was so intrigued by the grass! It’s made me really excited for summer – especially to see him splashing in a paddling pool.

New term – We started the new term of Baby Sensory this week – George’s favourite class. As well as being a new term, he moved into the older age group as he is almost six months old. We learnt some new sign language, played with bells, watched a puppet show and felt the texture of ribbon.

We also started a new class – Adventure Babies. This is based around reading and interactive messy play. This week’s book was The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which ended up with George exploring a giant fruit salad in his nappy!

Finally, we started swimming lessons with Water Babies. I’d say this was G’s highlight of the week. As soon as he got in the water, his face lit up. He went under water twice and tested paddling on his front and back. I’m really excited to see what we do next week.

Weaning – This was our second week of weaning with purees. George tried roasted parsnip, broccoli, banana, avocado and melon for the first time. He liked them all but he LOVED the banana, smiling after every mouthful and lunging forward for the next one.

Photoshoot – I’ve been playing with my camera more this week and experimenting with a bold standout colour/ object. As I was buying more fruit and veg to puree for George, I thought I’d photograph him with some. This shot of him and an apple was my favourite.

New hair – I’ve always had long hair and I’ve always loved it. But, George is going through a big hair pulling stage at the moment so I tie it up all of the time. I thought this would be a good opportunity to cut it off and allow it to grow out again. It’s also an excuse to test out the famous ‘mum bob’.

Eating out – I’ve been putting off feeding G in public as I was worried he wouldn’t be able to sit up in backless high chairs properly and there would be food splashed everywhere. But, I met up with my NCT friends on Thursday and decided to bite the bullet in Treehouse, Altrincham. They had back support chairs and there wasn’t any mess at all! Panic over.

New purchases – one of my friends bought her little girl a swivel seat for the bath. She said it was great and it made bath time more exciting so, we picked one up in Tesco yesterday for £11. It’s amazing! George’s face lit up when we tested it last night – he was kicking his legs and splashing the water with his hands. I’d totally recommend it.

Naming ceremony – I’ll write a full post on this when our photos come through but to share some highlights – it was held at Didsbury House Hotel in Manchester with a short ceremony followed by cake and fizz. We wrote our own promises, had readings and George got plenty of cuddles! It was a beautiful afternoon shared with our closest friends and family.

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