Toddler vs Christmas tree

Are you wondering how to keep your toddler away from the Christmas tree?

toddler Christmas tree
toddler Christmas tree

The answer is simple – don’t.

As the age old saying goes “we always want what we can’t have”. If we try and keep our babies and toddlers away from the Christmas tree, they are going to become more intrigued by it and will want to touch it, play with it and pull it even more.

Instead, let your child explore it with you. Let them touch the branches, take the baubles off, point at the lights etc. While you do, explain that you must touch with ‘gentle hands’ and slowly stroke the baubles yourself.

After their first meeting with the tree, move all of the baubles, lights, tinsel etc from the bottom few rows upwards and leave one larger bauble low for them to see. This will become their bauble.

Every time they go over to the tree, let them play with that one bauble with ‘gentle hands’. This gives them a sense of involvement in the tree.

As the days go on, the novelty of the tree will begin to wear off but if they want to go back over to it, their bauble will still be there.

Our tree has been up for almost 3 weeks now and so far, we’ve had no tree of toddler casualties.

Good luck!

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