What equipment do you need for weaning?

Once your baby is ready to start weaning, you will need to prepare food for them. Whether you choose to do baby led weaning, spoon or mixed, this list of equipment should help you.

what equipment do I need for weaning
  • Food blender – if you don’t already have one at home, you can pick a small blender up for around £10
  • Ice cube tray – these are great for making food ahead and freezing into portions. Get one made of silicone as they are easier to pop out
  • Spoons – you will need ones with a soft tip so they are easier on gums. They are also smaller to fit into an infant’s mouth easier
  • Bowls – you may want to use your own if you are spoon feeding but if you are doing baby led or mixed, get something plastic so it won’t break and something with a suction bottom so your baby can’t knock it over
  • Storage pots – perfect for fridge, freezer or on-the-go storage, plastic pots are great to portion up food in advance
  • Bibs – if you are spoon feeding, you can go for something with a Velcro neck tie and front catch pouch. If you are doing baby led, you might want to consider a long sleeved, full bib that ties at the back
  • Splash mat – you probably won’t need one for spoon feeding but if you want to protect your floor/ carpet and are doing mixed or baby led weaning, a splash mat is highly recommended
  • Masher – you will probably have one at home already. If not, you can get a plastic masher or even use a fork to mush things like banana and avocado
  • Cup – from six months, you can start offering your baby water with meals. Choose a cup with a free flow spout, preferably with handles so they can start to pick it up and drink for themselves
  • High chair – weaning can be very messy so opt for a high chair that is easy to clean. It’s also handy to choose one that folds down so that it can be stored easier

Make sure you wash all weaning equipment in hot soapy water before use. Items such as the cup and spoons may also need to be sterilised before used.

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